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 On this website my mommy en daddy will inform you about my life until I am big enough to do that myself :-). The pictures will be made by both my mommy and my daddy and the updates will be done by my mommy only, she is a real cyber lady according to my dad you see!

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-What's new?-


January 2011: Behind the scenes I am very busy catching up with my huge backlog! March & April 2009 and May & June 2009 are ready!
And of course a new ticker as Madeleine just turned 5!


26th March 2009: Over 2 months and no single update! you should be ashamed mommy! I had my birthday so there are a lot of new photo's! Quickly go to the new pages: 3 to 4 year and January & February! The did you know page will be updated soon as well! Yes you notice well, this page has also some new images, I'm 3 years old now hey ;-)!


4th January 2009: Almost 2 months since the last updates where made, what a shame! The November & December page is newly made with 16 news photo's! Behind most photo's you will find nice collages! Furthermore some new facts on the did-you-know page.




  Photo's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Text: Francisca den Otter